Anthem Players Allegedly Experiencing PS4 Shutdowns, Claim Sony Is Offering Refunds

Noel Cummings
March 7, 2019

Some players are reporting that they thought their console has been bricked and then were able to run it in Safe Mode and rebuild the corrupted areas. Bioware has yet to fix the bug that's causing these shutdowns, and at the moment it haven't responded to people's complaints at all. Numerous gamers suffered from crashes that just cause an annoying push out of the game on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, but a few select issues are concerning. According to multiple reports, Sony is issuing refunds for those who bought Anthem on the PS4 digitally via the PS Store.

Many reported that Sony had given refunds for digital versions of Anthem with "no questions asked" when users had complained and mentioned the system crash.

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Let's hope Bioware roll out a fix soon, otherwise Anthem's notorious reputation is going to suffer another hit. Not only are there game crashes, but some bugs can even crash the system itself. I've dealt with soft-bricks on the Xbox One four times now and it never gets any easier.

Update, 3/4 3:50 p.m. PT: In a statement recently posted to the EA Help Twitter account, EA acknowledged it is aware of some crashing issues and directed players to the EA Answers website.

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Quite a few people, including some TSA staff, say the fans in their PS4 Pro's are running and full speed when playing Anthem so perhaps the game is causing the console to overheat. Mercifully, the refunding seems to be a simple process, for those who were successful.

Have you had trouble playing ANTHEM? Some gamers have reported they have been unable to restart the console by pressing the front power button.

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Currently, PS4 representatives are not looking for any specific reports or rationale behind a requested Anthem refund. Have you attempted to get a refund and were you successful? That's what these kind of games do - come out not where they should be, receive a load of post-release content, and turn out awesome.

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