HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos VR headsets

Noel Cummings
January 11, 2019

HTC's newest standalone VR headset: the Vive Pro Eye. They feature a prominent ring over the control groups, and are decorated with light-up zigzag patterns.

When looked at from a gameplay perspective eye-tracking is great for player engagement, whether that's with another human player or an NPC (non-player character). Initially, you still need to somehow connect to a computer, as the device still demands a lot of graphical gaming power. Not only does this reduce to overall graphics requirements needed to run VR apps, but it also allows developers to increase the fidelity of what's in focus. However, the down point here is that HTC intends to market the Pro Eye headset towards the enterprise segment as they refer it as "an evolution in the enterprise VR space". How do you feel about the new Vive Pro Eye and Vive Infinity? VRFocus was there for the announcement and went hands-on with the headset so you could get a better look. That is a significant benefit as it's reducing the complaints about VR, as it's lowering the complexity sometimes felt by the average users.

The promotional video released shows no wires attached to the headset. The new high-end model will integrate eye-tracking out of the box, instead of having to purchase it is as an add-on feature as had been the case.

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Another big piece of the VR is all the software supporting it.

In addition, HTC also announced a new subscription service for the Viveport, dubbed Infinite, which will allow users to access to 500 apps and games at any given of time starting April 5. That's probably the most interesting hook for the Vive Cosmos. Details are quite thin on the ground right now. Of course, the Vive Pro is the most expensive iteration of the Vive headset so far, and while no pricing on the Vive Pro Eye has been released, I'd wager it's probably going to come in close, if not higher, than the Vive Pro's current cost of $799. Combined with the eye tracking tech, companies can track where consumers look the most to help develop products. The VR subscription platform will be essentially the "Netflix" for VR games. The Origin is the hub for things like Viveport Infinity.

HTC had a press conference at CES 2019 today as well, and it was a much smaller one, compared to the other companies making headlines today.

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In the company's CES presentation, it mentioned that the Cosmos doesn't require external sensors and uses fully tracked motion controllers and that it is a PC VR system.

The Vive Cosmos VR headset will be based on Vive Reality system, which ensures seamless movement during your VR journey.

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