Huawei Staff Punished Over Tweet From iPhone

Noel Cummings
January 7, 2019

This is why the fact that the New Year's greetings from the official account of Huawei arrived with the words "via Twitter for Iphone" created a stir and many comments on social media. However, despite the calls for a boycott, it appears Huawei has forgotten to instruct its public relations representatives about it because they were caught using an iPhone.

With Twitter now having added back the source of how a Tweet was Tweeted, everyone can see where everyone is tweeting from these days, and that includes official brand accounts like Huawei's.

Huawei Tweet

With all of that being said, it's possible Huawei has created the latest Twitter narrative in order to save face. They had their rank reduced and monthly salary reduced by 5,000 yuan. According to the news outlet, many companies are offering discounts on Huawei phones to encourage employees to buy Huawei phones. The formulation shows that the Tweet was not sent from a Huawei Smartphone with the Android operating system, but from a phone of its competitor Apple.

In a furry of patriotic displays, many Chinese consumers and companies have vowed to stop using U.S. products including Apple iPhones in support of Huawei and Meng.

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One incident happened with BlackBerry as well when Alicia Keys, who was the company's creative director at the time, tweeted from her iPhone. Some firms announced that employees caught using Apple handsets would be punished, while those purchasing Huawei phones would get subsidies.

This is not the first time Huawei has made this mistake.

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It is not the first time that use of the Apple product has given cause for embarrassment. The Korean company sued a brand ambassador for $1.6 million for a similar marketing misstep that involved an iPhone. The tweet was later removed, and she claimed that her account had been hacked. That's why the employee accessed Twitter via an iPhone with a foreign SIM with roaming on - and now has to pay for it by being demoted to a lower position, just like his supervisor.

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