Mexico Border Crisis: Migrant Mom From Guatemala Impaled In Front Of Children

Hugh Fox
November 29, 2018

Facing a hostile welcome and little hope, a growing number of migrants have chose to turn back.

A little after 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, a large white truck pulled up to the Benito Juarez Sports Complex in Tijuana as 57 new migrants climb out to join the more than 6,000 being sheltered here near the San Ysidro U.S. -Mexico Port of Entry.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has defended the use of tear gas, saying border agents were entitled to "self-defence". McAleenan said he was not aware of any successful illegal entries by caravan members into the US.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats would back $1.6 billion for border security they negotiated with their Republican colleagues - but not a penny more. Let's put people before politics, ' McCarthy said.

There "you can earn money and live well" if you're willing to work, he said. He set a goal of trying to move his family out of the shelter in another week.

With too many to fit into shelters in a city used to receiving deportees and migrants, the caravan, which had traveled about 3,000 miles (4,800 km) since mid-October, was ushered into the complex to wait until USA and Mexican authorities settled on how to deal with it. He referred to his ordering of USA troops to the border in October to install "barbed wire and fencing and various other things".

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US Customs and Border Protection, which polices the border, said its personnel had been assaulted and hit by stones. Francesca Fontanini, a spokesperson for the U.N. High Commission for Refugees, says Sunday's commotion seems to have piqued interest among the migrants in taking up Mexico's offer.

Mr Trump also questioned why parents had taken their children to the site, and alleged that some of the people at the border were not parents, but "grabbers" who had taken children with them to improve their chances of asylum.

The area has grown with new arrivals over the past several days. He has expressed alarm at the caravans of migrants that have travelled from Central America to the border in the spring and autumn, authorizing the deployment of National Guard and USA military troops to support southern border enforcement efforts. Sunday's (Monday NZT) incident began after hundreds marched to the border to try to call attention to their plight. Meza fell and struggled to get up amidst the gas.

If he doesn't receive his desired funding, Trump also threatened in an interview with The Washington Post to increase physical security at the border, which has been the site of increasingly tense clashes between migrants and USA border officials in recent days, including the use of tear gas and pepper spray against members of the migrant caravan.

"Is it OK to use tear gas on children?" a reporter asked. Trump wants $5 billion for the wall and said it would be a "good time" for a government shutdown if he didn't get what he was asking for.

Border security has been tightened due to the caravan President Donald Trump has targeted in his political rhetoric, accusing the migrants of being criminals. We will close the border permanently if need be.

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Martinez, 28, said she was now considering getting work in Tijuana. A handful from the group threw rocks over a border fence at Border Patrol agents, who fired CS gas at the group.

Videgaray said that closing the border, through which $1.7 billion in bilateral trade passes every day, would be "incredibly negative" for both countries.

Juan Manuel Gastélum, mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, said Monday he could not condone the actions.

Days after tensions flared and United States officials fired tear gas at the border, the mood inside the massive Tijuana shelter was somber Tuesday.

When she learned it would be almost impossible to cross quickly under current USA policies to the United States, she resolved to be patient, and get a Mexican work permit meanwhile.

The military's role is limited largely to erecting barriers along the border and providing transportation and logistical support to Customs and Border Protection.

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