What Are The US Midterm Elections And Why Do They Matter?

Anna Jefferson
November 7, 2018

Scarred by the 2016 election, many House Democrats had been incredibly cautious about publicly discussing what they might do if they regained the majority after the midterms.

They also could force Trump to scale back his legislative ambitions, possibly dooming his promises to fund a border wall with Mexico, pass a second major tax-cut package or carry out his hardline policies on trade.

After the Civil War, the Democratic Party was identified as the party of the vanquished Confederacy, making it largely a regional party in the South.

Democratic Senate candidates are in danger of losing their seats in Missouri, North Dakota and Indiana. Moscow denies meddling and Trump denies any collusion.

His recent decision to send 5,000 troops to the Mexican border as a caravan of Central American migrants approaches has divided opinion. Several television networks, including the president's favorite Fox News Channel, yanked a Trump campaign advertisement off the air on the eve of the election, determining that its portrayal of a murderous immigrant went too far.

If Republicans win the House, they will continue to control Congress and the White House, allowing Trump to continue to press toward his legislative agenda as he has since he took office.

Democrats are increasingly confident they can recapture the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years and are banking on a backlash against the President from voters who stayed home in 2016.

Why did President Trump choose November 4 date against Iran?
The Trump administration though has granted exemptions to eight countries to continue importing Iranian oil, without naming them. Meanwhile in Israel Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman called sanctions the "change the Middle East has been waiting for".

Trump will be holding his final three get-out-the-vote rallies Monday in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri - a day after stops in Tennessee and Georgia, where the president's closing argument to voters was on stark display as he sought to motivate complacent Republicans to the polls by stoking fears about the prospects of Democratic control.

"It's pretty evident that President Trump is politically toxic in many of these suburban districts across the country".

"What I've been telling my Democratic colleagues and friends is that they have a responsibility to use the oversight powers responsibly, in a credible way".

Some of the biggest Democratic stars of the campaign season were struggling.

Democrats will gain full control in IL by winning the governor's race, and in NY even a slight gain by Democrats could wrest the state Senate from Republicans and give them a governing trifecta. The faith of the average American in the country's libertarian institutions has been shaken for good measure, and going by President Trump's record over the past two years, he can not evade responsibility for having precipitated the general decline as a matter of conscious policy.

"In stark contrast to the GOP Congress", Pelosi said, "a Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness".

Problems with voting machines prevented Americans from casting ballots in a dozen states, USA rights advocates said, following complaints about registration problems, faulty equipment and intimidation they have received throughout early balloting.

Frantic final day for US-mid term campaign
And Mr Kondik said it would mean immediate headaches for the President . "No, he will have lost the House", Wallace said. He repeated those themes in Georgia, urging voters to "look at what is marching up - that's an invasion".

"He can motivate them and hold onto them by talking about the economy, by talking about bringing jobs back to those people and just avoid the divisive rhetoric", he said.

Voter turnout, normally lower when the presidency is not at stake, could be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years, experts predicted.

About 40 million early votes were likely cast, said Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who tracks the figures. By any reckoning, this is a pivotal election for Americans, for American democracy, and for the rest of the world.

"I think Trump is terrible", Reynolds said. If they do that, they'll be able to more effectively block Trump's agenda and try to implement their own.

A debate about whether Mr Trump's biting rhetoric encouraged extremists erupted in the campaign's final weeks after pipe bombs were mailed to his top political rivals allegedly by a Trump supporter who was arrested and charged, and 11 people were fatally shot at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Democrats, though, hammered him this cycle by tying him to President Donald Trump, who swooped in with a last-minute endorsement of Paulsen.

Democrats are defending 26 of the 35 Senate elections on Tuesday, which means they have a lot more on the line. "I tend to think the arc of the universe bends toward justice, so I don't become discouraged".

"I think in America, people seem to be very isolated, especially when you go to the middle of the country".

Backed militia resumes targeting IS-held pocket in eastern Syria
Ankara regards the United States-backed YPG as a terrorist organization due to its ties with the illegal PKK. The US support of the YPG has strained relations with Turkey.

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