Google’s new phones boast wider screens, better camera

Noel Cummings
October 13, 2018

As usual, the Pixel phones focus heavily on Google's search engine, maps, digital assistant and YouTube video service. To go along with the new phones, it also announced the Google Home Hub, the Mi Box S and the Pixel Slate. Like the last-gen Pixel phones, the new Pixel phones look great with plenty of new features.

Despite the global success of the Android operating system, Google has done less well with Pixel phones, which appeared nearly three years ago and have so far less than 1% share in the worldwide market, according to Strategy Analytics. This new feature will hopefully come to all Pixel phones, including the Pixel 3 handsets, some time next month. They also have a dual-lens front-facing camera to capture wider photos, rather than the single-lens camera in the old Pixel phones.

Last year's Pixel 2 arrived with bugs that prompted user complaints about unwanted noises during calls, a crashing camera app and an unexpected screen tint.

The Pixel 3 isn't exactly a major reinvention of the Pixel design or display - it's half an inch bigger at 5.5-inches thanks to thinner bezels, a tweaked aspect ratio and curved-edged screens. While both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 run it, the Pixel 3 will receive its key features and updates for it before the Pixel 2.

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"The tie-up with telcos helps to offset the upfront cost for consumers and should make Pixel phones more attractive to consumers in Singapore", she added.

But this time around Google also has another camera to play with.

Google has launched its latest Pixel 3 smartphones in the midst of an embarrassing data exposure scandal.

But how does the Pixel 3 actually compare to its predecessor, the Pixel 2? To add fuel to the fire, Pixel 3 XL was already being sold in Russian Federation one week before the product was even announced.

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The US$1.1 billion HTC deal, which was announced in September past year and officially closed in January 2018, saw more than 2,000 HTC engineers moving to Google.

The camera, for instance, promises better low-light and close-up shots by using artificial-intelligence software to combine multiple shots taken in succession. A useful feature for when all your mates turn up to see your shiny new smartphone. Ambient EQ is essentially a more refined technology that adjusts the screen brightness and colors with the sensed environment so that you are not blinded by a bright white screen in the darkness. Notable features mentioned is the lack of a camera for "privacy reasons", and Ambient EQ.

The Pixel 3 starts at £739 for the 64GB model, moving up to £839 for the 128GB version. Not only will they enjoy reliable system updates for years to come (meaning less need to spend on a new device and hence saving money) as with Apple's products, but they'll also arguably get the best Android software available.

Google is featuring its Google Assistance service on Pixel 3 series.

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