Scam Alert: Don't Fall For This Facebook 'Friend Request From You' Message

Anna Jefferson
October 9, 2018

Have you seen any suspicious messages on your Facebook profile lately? "Several inbox messages about cloned accounts and fake friend requests!"

Then then prompts users to "hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears...then hit forward...." I had to do the people individually.

Facebook users have been receiving messages from their friends warning that there could be a scheme to hack and clone their accounts.

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According to officials, your account is not sending out duplicate friend requests. The good news is: Chances are, you were not hacked if you received this message, nor are you being impersonated on Facebook, and no fraudulent friend requests got sent. On a help center page, they told a user that "the notification you saw is likely a scam".

The second part of the message encourages those reading it to share it with their friends.

If you're anxious you've been hacked, Facebook has a series of guides on how to get back in (although it helps to be prepared). Once those friend requests are accepted, the scammers can then spread messages which appear to originate from the targeted account, luring that person's friends into propagating malware, falling for phishing schemes, or disclosing personal ithat can be used for identity theft. A spokesperson told the Sun: "We've heard that some people are seeing posts or messages about accounts being cloned on Facebook". You know the one: the paragraph of legal-sounding text that people post to their Facebook feeds in a misguided attempt to prevent Facebook from taking over the copyright to everything they post.

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One of the millions of perplexed Facebook users on Monday updated her status asking, "What is going on?"

This may set alarm bells ringing in your head that you have been hacked and someone is wandering around in your shoes calling themselves "Bob", but chances are, they are not.

Facebook was yet to comment on this.

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An investigation into how the breach occurred is still ongoing, Facebook said in a release.

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