IPhone XS hit by new battery charging complaints

Noel Cummings
October 2, 2018

With the prices going as high as $1,449 for the iPhone XS Max, people have tried to figure out how much it actually costs to manufacture this model. Yes, there are obviously complaints over some issues floating around out there, some more serious than others.

Newer iPhones support Qi wireless charging at up to 7.5 watts. For this reason, it is possible that many iPhone XS users are not even aware that their devices are impacted.

We've already covered the fact that the iPhone XS isn't a smart upgrade if you already have an iPhone X from 2017, but it's a huge upgrade for anyone else. The report indicates that the issue is likely related to USB restricted mode, a feature Apple created to help secure data on the iPhone "against devices" that try and download a phone's data for malicious purposes. It's a time honoured tradition, and it seems the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max is no different. For reference, the iPhone XR has a 2,942 mAh battery capacity, while the iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh battery capacity. However, ig your iPhone is longer under Apple Care, you should first try out the methods listed below.

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Late last week, Apple received green lights from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that authorize the tech company to officially sell the iPhone XR in the United States, ahead of pre-orders later this October.

iPhone XS gave us a full-day battery life with moderate-to-heavy usage.

More demand for "Julia" are the iPhone XS with 256 GB and 64 GB internal memory, black or gold color.

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The LCD screen may not match the clarity and contrast of the more expensive OLED alternative but it will be certainly great for many users, as the general experience will remain the same. However, one of them would not charge at all.

Should that be the case, you better invest in something to protect your prized new smartphones from accidental drops and damage, and what's a batter way of doing that than getting yourself a proper rugged case? The smaller phone's screen did not work. I also tried to repeat the charging issue after that but it always charges normally without any issues. "After plugging it a couple of more times, I could see the charging sign".

Yes, the iPhone XS Max is just as huge as my old iPhone 8 Plus, but because it dropped the home button, the new phone requires you reach a digit up to the top right corner.

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