Editor's Corner-3 reasons why Verizon's big 5G launch is decidedly underwhelming

Noel Cummings
September 14, 2018

AT&T is also planning to launch a 5G home Internet service and has already begun trials.

Verizon's 5G will be available in various neighborhoods across the City in October, with wider access expected in 2019. Instead of using the mobile 5G standard, Verizon will provide this service via mmWave technology, which uses the 30 to 300 GHz spectrum.

The age of 5G is upon us, even if it's not coming to phones quite yet.

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As part of the 5G Home deal, you'll get YouTube's TV service for free for the first three months, after which it'll cost users $40 per month.

The package includes a free router, free installation, and free upgrades, similar to Verizon's existing home broadband service.

Dubbed Verizon 5G Home, the service launches on October 1 for select residents in Houston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Sacramento. Depending on location, the 5G home broadband service will be able to deliver peak speed of 1Gbps without any data cap. Verizon promises speeds of almost 1 gigabit, and you can order service starting this Thursday (September 13) in select markets.

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Verizon has elaborated previously over bringing their 5G as soon as possible, with all the chances to happen in this fall. 5G networks also are seen as critical to ushering in an era of robotics and autonomous cars. Taxes and fees are included in that rate, and there's no annual contract. The most modern 5G followed Verizon final week trialling 5G in Washington DC with Nokia, transmitting a mobile signal to a test van.

Though Verizon's 5G commercial service is not the true 5G mobile connectivity that the company promised in December past year, it emphasized that the 5G Home service is constructed on its proprietary 5G TF standard. But if you sign up early, you'll be charged nothing for the first three months.

5G is considered the next evolution in mobile technology that will create wireless networks faster and more powerful than the current 4G or LTE networks. Customers will also get a free Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast Ultra, too.

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