Obama stumps for Democrats in California

Hugh Fox
September 10, 2018

Obama's speech was notably shorter and more restrained than the previous day's often fiery remarks in IL, when he attacked Trump more frontally, breaking with the long American tradition of restraint by former presidents toward their successors. "He is just capitalising on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years", he added before condemning the Republican party for "shielding" Trump from facing the consequences of his worst actions.

Like much of the country, unemployment is low in Orange County and the economy is strong, meaning turnout could be more dependent on anger about Trump and his policies rather than dissatisfaction with the state of the nation.

"The only reason that we have an outsider business man president is because of you", Pirro said of Obama.

President Trump pretended to be unmoved, saying, "I watched it but I fell asleep".

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has been traveling across the country, giving speech after speech supporting the Democratic Party as the November mid-term elections loom closer.

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Obama, who is 57, said the greatest threat to United States democracy comes not from any single individual, or even from any group of billionaires seeking to dominate the nation's politics.

But on Saturday, he said Democrats have a chance to woo independents and Republicans unhappy with the direction of the party.

Saturday's rally was Obama's second campaign stop in a string of several planned appearances that Democrats hope will energize voters in an effort to flip 23 seats to take control of the House of Representatives. The speech was delivered less than two months prior to the midterm elections, elections that could arguably change the course of the Trump presidency. "To all the young people that are here today, there are now more eligible voters in your generation than in any other, which means your generation now has more power than any other to change things". "I found he's very good - very good for sleeping", he said. "You've got to vote".

"This is not normal", Obama said during his hour-long address.

Chelsea Brossard, Harder's campaign manager, called Saturday an "all hands on deck moment" for the campaign and said they were "proud to have this level of support as we begin the final stretch".

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Most of what he said was highlighting the importance of the upcoming election.

In Orange County, Republicans held a 13-point edge in voter registration 10 years ago but that has shrunk to 3 points while independents, who tend to vote like Democrats in California, have climbed to 25 per cent.

"As a fellow citizen, not as an ex-president but as a citizen, I'm here to deliver simple message and that is that you need to vote because our democracy depends on it", Obama said, according to Politico.

He went on to attack the administration's repeal of climate change legislation, saying: "They've made it so that the only nation on earth to pull out of the global climate agreement, it's not North Korea, it's not Syria, it's not Russian Federation or Saudi Arabia".

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