Google celebrates Chrome's 10th birthday with a new look and improved features

Noel Cummings
September 5, 2018

Today, for Chrome's 10th birthday, Google's given its prized web browser a ton of new features, starting with a redesign aimed at speedier browsing. Apart from the use of a new color palette, the browser now has more rounded shapes and new icons.

We've been testing the update ourselves and without doubt, the first thing that we noticed was the way Chrome now has decidedly different tabs to those we have been conditioned to expect for years. Website icons on tabs are easier to read on the desktop. On iOS, the toolbar has been moved to the bottom to make it easier to reach.

If you rely on Google Chrome's built-in password manager, then you'll be happy to know that the latest stable update also brings a few usability improvements.

These passwords are also synchronized to your Google account so that they are available on other devices that you use Chrome. As most home routers do not use encrypted communications for management tasks, the researchers were able to exploit this automatic credential re-entering to both steal the router login credentials and use them to capture the Wi-Fi network password (PSK) with only a single click required by the user for the attack to succeed.

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I'm personally a big fan of KeePass, but I can appreciate Google's efforts to encourage users to practice better password management. This, in turn, will allow you to navigate across lots of tabs more seamlessly. A smarter Omnibox displays results for the weather, public figures, translations, and answers to your questions. If it's already opened, the browser will take you to it via the Switch to tab option. Google is also planning on adding the ability to search for files stored in Google Drive to the Omnibox.

Another engineer pointed out that font rendering worked just fine in the beta version of Chrome 69.0.3497.81 but apparently broke down when the browser was released as the official stable release. Here are the most important new features.

Google is celebrating Chrome's 10th anniversary with a redesign.

Millions of home Wi-Fi networks could be easily hacked, even when the network is protected by a strong password, thanks to a flaw in Chrome-based browsers.

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Google's Chrome 69 is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can see the desktop version below.

Moving forward, Chrome promises to integrate Augmented Reality into the web experience.

The firm also made visual improvements in little areas. Lastly, the Chrome team suggests that the browser will show smarter search results in the future. Google also mentions that it is experimenting with under-the-hood changes to improve Chrome's overall performance that are covered in detail on its developer blog.

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