Man, 30, ordered by court to leave parents' home

Hugh Fox
May 26, 2018

A 30-year-old man has been ordered out of his parents' home after they took legal action against him.

They even gave him $1,000 to help him find an apartment, but Michael, who has lived in the family home for eight years without contributing to expenses or even day-to-day chores, used the money for general expenses (i.e. new DLC content for The Witcher 3) instead of moving.

In one written on February 2, the parents wrote: "Michael, after a discussion with your mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately".

"I want you out of that household", Greenwood told him, according to ABC News.

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The parents said subsequent letters they sent included offers to help him financially and advice to get a job, but their son ignored all of them, Fox 5 reports. "We will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision". The judge asked adult protective services to check on the case as he's concerned about what's happening at the home.

But that hasn't spurred him to find a new place to live - even though his parents want him to move out and on with his life.

Despite that, Michael Rotondo insisted he should have been given six month's notice to move out, as per Kosa v. Legg which requires landlords to give tenants a six-month notice. "I'm not dragging my business into my business", he said with a smile.

Michael Rotondo called the ruling "outrageous" and said he planned to appeal the decision, WABC reported.

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Three more notes were sent over the course of six weeks - with one even offering Michael $1,100 "so you can find a place to stay" and another suggesting options to either fix or get rid of his broken auto.

Rotondo put up a tough fight, refusing to speak directly to his parents in court, relying only on his legal arguments.

"The notion that, you know, that I'm just out of there, it really seems most unreasonable", he said.

Most parents are living the life of "empty nesters" by the time their children reach 30, but one United States couple had to go to court to give their son that extra little push. Their son had argued with the judge and at one point approached the bench without permission.

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