Elon Musk pitches 150 miles per hour rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

Noel Cummings
May 18, 2018

More details are coming out about the Boring Company's plans for the tunnel under LA that runs 11 miles from downtown to the worldwide airport.

"Like a weird little Disney ride in L.A.", Musk, casually dressed in denim, said to laughter and applause.

Boring Company digging machine

Alongside the execs onstage was Boring Company "mascot" Gary the snail. The Boring Company has already built a shorter tunnel in nearby Hawthorne, where SpaceX's headquarters is located.

Hundreds of tunnels, hundreds of stations: Musk said hundreds of pod tunnels could be built beneath the surface, each with many points of entry that could be as small as a parking space. These tunnels were not yet part of his cross-country "Hyperloop" system, which would ferry people in tubes travelling at airline speeds at a much lower cost. Musk also mentioned his vision for the network, explaining that a single ride would cost $1 and could carry up to 16 passengers.

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Musk said that Boring Company Loop's vision of the future would be much more congruous with city life than subways, and that while it was very hard to weave large stations into a city, building many more parking spot-sized stations could theoretically be much more effective. "If we can't do a two-mile tunnel without disturbing people, how can we do hundreds of miles?"

What's interesting is that in his tweets, Musk says that the reason for prioritizing passengers (and presumably the reason for the low fare) is "courtesy and fairness", saying: "If someone can't afford a vehicle, they should go first". While the executives were sure to distinguish the difference between the "Loop" and the Hyperloop, Musk also theorized that the two systems could eventually be seamlessly connected so riders could travel within the city and between cities with minimal friction.

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Earlier, before the session, Musk retweeted LA Metro tweet announcing the prolonged partnership with The Boring Company and that they are going forward with their plans to build in-city Loop for the underground fast travel system. Pods would use on-ramps and off-ramps rather than running like a subway line.

The plan calls for excavated soil to be compacted into concrete reinforcement segments for the tunnels, or turned into construction bricks. Musk said there were challenges in working out a delivery system: "I guess they don't like it if you ship things with propane". The whole tunnel will be privately funded and will not be used for public transportation, the company said.

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