There's good and bad news for fans of Gotham

Cristina Cross
May 15, 2018

By getting to this point, Gotham will get to focus on Bruce Wayne turning into Batman, but the question still remains on how they will get there. For one, this will definitely be the last lap for Gotham, with the new run confirmed to be only 13 episodes long, which is just enough to push the total count to 100, the golden number which would make it viable for syndication. Despite all this, though, Gotham has a lucrative streaming deal, global cache given its title/content, and comes from a studio in WB that FOX likely wants to keep a relationship with as they transition to a new phase. FOX dropped Lucifer like a hot potato, surprising everyone, andLucifer's numbers are a lot better than Gotham's are.

Producers of Gotham are prepared to wrap everything up in the fifth and final season of Gotham, but the story is only truly beginning.

The decision to axe Gotham comes without surprise since the televisions series has been on a continuous decline since the second season.

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As reported by Screen Rant, the higher-ups at a Warner Bros. requested that the character of The Joker remain on the big screen and in the films of the DC Extended Universe.

Gotham stars took to social media Sunday night to thank fans and celebrate hours after the Batman prequel was renewed under the wire for a fifth and final season. Having gained a final season, fans are excited to see the show finally transform Bruce Wayne into the iconic superhero. After months of being in limbo, "Gotham" has finally been renewed for another season by FOX.

The network did not say how many episodes are in the order. If Disney does end up owning both networks, we have a harder time imagining some DC Comics properties sticking around there.

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The season four finale of Gotham will air on Thursday (May 17th).

But fans of the show shouldn't despair.

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