IPhone X Sales Dead But Apple Glory Not Dimnished Says Recent Leak

Noel Cummings
April 25, 2018

iPhone component orders for Apple's suppliers aren't likely to pick up until the third quarter of this year, a new report suggests.

The survey also showed a trend among respondents toward buying past years' iPhones.

According to data collected in a survey by research group Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), more people in the USA prefer buying the regular iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus than spend a fortune getting the "ultra-premium" iPhone X. It indirectly means that he again confirms the already leaked tagline "iPhone X is dead" to its investors.

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According to the CIRP survey of US Apple customers, sales of newer iPhone models accounted for 60 per cent of all iPhones sold, down from 78 per cent the year before.

In 2012, Apple fired its Korea head amid slow iPhone sales in the region.

In March, a top analyst with asset management firm Piper Jaffray said that unlike what Apple had expected, the response to iPhone X has been lukewarm as many existing users believe that the device is too expensive.

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With an estimated price tag of $799, the 6.1-inch model will be available for almost $200 cheaper than its OLED counterparts, according to a note from Rosenblastt analyst Jun Zhang as obtaied by AppleInsider. Whether or not supply will be met on time remains to be seen.

One such example is Apple chip supplier TSMC, which Campling says has been badly burnt by experience causing its inventory stockpiles to hit "record highs".

Will a sales "Supercycle" help the iPhone X shipments?

While the entire tech world anticipates the next iPhone to cost more than the iPhone X but somehow if Apple does manage to get Samsung to slash the price of OLED display, the pricing could surprise many. Analysts speculate that the larger iPhone X may include support for iPen or the Apple Pencil and may also come in a dual SIM model.

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