Google to Introduce Disappearing G-Mail Messages

Noel Cummings
April 25, 2018

The updated aesthetics aren't hard to adjust to and there's a handful of great new features. This will be yet another AI-based feature allowing Gmail to assign priority to important emails from work, family, and so on. When I respond to emails, I often need to know what meetings, appointments, holidays, and so forth are on my plate.

With an eye on business users, Google is adding a "confidential mode" to Gmail that lets you restrict how an email can be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed. It's unlikely to be completely fail-safe (so maybe don't start sending everyone your deepest secrets just yet), but it should hopefully prevent people from accidentally forwarding confidential information. Gmail makes it so.

As avid users of Google Keep, another app that tracks to-dos, Tasks seems like a promising replacement. Attachments appear right underneath conversations too, so you don't have to scroll through the whole thread to get to a photo or an invite. According to a blog post enlisting these additions, managing one's inbox is no longer as cumbersome as it used to be thanks to new action buttons for each email which show up as you hover over each and every one of them. The feature helps you to send an email out of your inbox. You can also set messages to expire after a while, which could prove useful on numerous occasions.

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What are you most excited to see in the new Gmail? Finally, Google is expanding Smart Reply, which had previously only been available in mobile apps, to the Gmail web interface.

Mobile also has a few nifty new features, like high-priority notifications, or suggestions when to unsubscribe to certain newsletters.

The new Gmail: what is new? The latest update to Gmail brings this time-saving feature to the Web version. That might protect data even if the recipient's email account has been hijacked. All you have to do is type the + sign and start typing until you see the contact information for the person you're looking for.

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Google has apparently been working on the changes for two years now, and the redesign is to help Google better compete with Microsoft's Outlook on the business side and modernise the consumer email experience.

Despite all the helpful new bells and whistles, the new Gmail has some frustrating elements as well. This menu offers integration with Google's other services, including Google Calendar, to allow you to easily coordinate between your emails and other productivity apps.

You also can't drag an email into the Google Calendar window on the right of your inbox. Besides, in the age of phishing and ransomware, Gmail alerts users of potentially harmful mails. Now Gmail is adding more offline support, so users can read, write and reply to emails offline.

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In addition to this, an AI feature that "nudges" the user to view and respond to important messages or emails first.

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