Amazon Echo Spot Heading Down Under

Ignacio Smith
April 21, 2018

Alexa Skill Blueprints are simple templates that anyone can access from Amazon's new site and use to create their own customized Alexa experiences by filling in the blanks. This certain skill doesn't need you to prelude it by saying, "Alexa, open such-and-such skill". The templates are organized into four categories: Storyteller, Learning & Knowledge, Fun & Games and At Home.

Amazon has introduced a way for anyone to create their own Alexa skills - without having to input even a single line of code. You can use the Houseguest Blueprint to answer guest questions. With the Flashcards Blueprint, you can set up a customized set of questions - and answers, natch - and Alexa will deliver a voice-powered quiz.

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You can find the tool at the Amazon Alexa Skill Template website. We've been very interested to see interactive audio stories start to take off on the smart speaker, and it could be very interesting to see an established author attempt to tell a story through Alexa. An example from the skills website is to get Alexa to roast your friends with light-hearted burns.

With Alexa Blueprints, Amazon is basically continuing its mission to make the virtual assistant available everywhere and accessible to everyone. All I was aiming for was to have Alexa remember the Wi-Fi password so I didn't have to ask my daughters (again).

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The idea is to allow Alexa users to come up with their own voice apps, like jokes or voice-activated instructions. The Echo Spot offers Alexa functionality, with a smaller design and the added convenience of a circular screen so that Alexa can show you things.

Each page features two sections: "How to create", with steps on building that particular skill, and "How to use", which explains the process for using the skill.

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You don't need to be a coder anymore to write some Skills for Amazon's Echo and other Alexa devices.

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