Thousands of VW and Audi cars stored in 'desert graveyard'

Noel Cummings
April 3, 2018

Germany must do all it can to avert driving bans for diesel cars, the country's new finance minister said in an interview published on Thursday, urging cities and local communities to boost investments in charging stations for electric cars. VW also cleared that now, this policy is available only in Germany.

Only vehicles bought after April will be eligible and customers will be tied into buying a replacement vehicle from the same dealership.

Volkswagen AG has already paid more than $7.4 billion to buy back around 350,000 USA vehicles affected by the Dieselgate scandal and is now storing thousands of vehicles around the United States in what are being called diesel graveyards.

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The guarantee will last for three years.

VW is also extending its trade-in incentive program for three months through the end of June. At Audi, the offer is for leased vehicles.

In hopes of quenching consumer uncertainty about diesel powertrains, Volkswagen Group is offering buyback deals and trade-in incentives for the powertrain. Besides, the carmaker would buy back cars sold between April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Probably not. The guarantee only applies to new or one year old vehicles. However, diesel cars are speculated to be automakers' attempts to meeting EU's new norms on carbon dioxide emissions, as diesel cars are less hazardous than gasoline vehicles. So they're unlikely to get caught up in bans created to exclude older, more polluting models.

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VW - which was at the heart of an emissions scandal two years ago, and helped trigger the backlash against diesel - is now trying to give buyers peace of mind.

As a direct result of the recent developments, diesel auto sales are on the decline. Many German cities exceed European Union limits on atmospheric nitrogen oxide, known to cause respiratory diseases.

The German company needs plenty of space because it has spent more than $7.4bn (£5.3bn) buying back about 350,000 United States vehicles, following the scandal over software that switched engines to a cleaner mode when they were being tested for emissions.

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