IOS 11.3 Update Goes Live; Option To Disable Battery Throttling Introduced

Ignacio Smith
March 31, 2018

Here are the highlights. Apart from the above additions, Apple says a number of bugs faced by users have also been fixed in the latest version of the iOS.

Just two months after Apple announced its Health Records solution that allows consumers to see their medical records right on their iPhone, 39 health systems have signed on to launch the feature, the tech giant announced today. Older iPhones with spent or damaged batteries are prone to shutdowns if the peak performance is not reduced. The feature can tell users if their batteries are nearing the end of their life and needs a replacement.

The iPhone Battery Health feature is in beta. The new feature can be found in the Settings app, nested under "Battery", called "Battery Health".

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Apple further highlights that the phone batteries, like all rechargeable batteries are consumable components that become less effective as they age. "Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again". Users can turn off this feature as Apple promised, but there's risk of unexpected shutdowns. For now, you have to wait for some more other ways with which you can easily Jailbreak your device. "We created this information for those who would like to learn more".

A new privacy icon will be displayed whenever Apple asks for authorisation for personal data to enable features or to personalise a service.

Then there are a couple of new features that we like but aren't widely supported yet.

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The new feature will make it easier for users to keep up with their own lab results, medications, and conditions, the release said. However, this will only be available in countries that support an emergency service. "Health Records data is encrypted and protected with a passcode", the release said. Apple is debuting Business Chat in Messages to let you communicate directly with businesses in the retail, finance and hospitality field. If users could chat with companies with one search from their iPhone, it would eliminate the extra step of turning to Facebook. And it's designed not to be a nuisance: only you can start a chat, so companies won't nag you, and no personal information will be shared unless you decide to share it. Predictably you'll be able to use it to chat with an Apple Store representative, along with employees from Wells Fargo, The Home Depot, Marriott, Lowe's, Hilton and Discover.

The bug states usually the standard iOS camera app, when pointed to a QR Code of a website, prompts the website name on top and lets the user decide if they need to open the site.

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